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A revolutionary voice in natural fertility, health, and pregnancy

Dr. Larisa Corda, is one of the foremost Fertility experts in the United Kingdom. She earned her qualifications from Imperial College London and received training in both the UK and Australia.

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Accomplished Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

“A fertile body requires a whole lifestyle approach that taps into every aspect of health and boosts your natural fertility gradually and holistically.”

A staunch advocate for women’s rights, Dr. Corda has played pivotal roles in several charitable organizations, including UN Women, The Circle, Saying Goodbye, Kicks Count, and Endometriosis UK. In 2020, she was honored with the We Are The City Rising Star in Healthcare award, and in 2022, she was nominated for a BBC Radio London Make a Difference Keyworker award, recognizing her exceptional work on the frontline during the pandemic. Her expertise and dedication have also earned her recognition as a leading doctor by Top Doctors in 2023.

Dr. Corda frequently shares her knowledge and insights as a women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy expert in various media outlets, including television and radio. Notably, she serves as the fertility expert on “This Morning” and introduced her innovative program for conception and pregnancy, “The Conception Plan,” during the show. Through her work, she is committed to revolutionizing the approach to women’s health and empowering both women and men to take control of their fertility and overall wellness.

The ‘Why’

Dr Larisa’s passion is to empower people to be the healthiest and most fertile expressions of themselves, from the inside out, and to help build families of parents and children with a different level of awareness. She helps people discover the tools they have within themselves to regain control of their own health and wellbeing, as well as those of their children.


Being fertile is about becoming the healthiest version of yourself, first and foremost


This involves a process of physical as well as spiritual rebirth, and a commitment to the process of healing.


The science of epigenetics that teaches the possibility of transforming our genetic fate through lifestyle.

The Challenge

One in seven couples struggle to conceive, and this figure is increasing. The world population is in decline, and though the age at which people are having children is on the increase and accounting for some of this, the fertility rates across all ranges, including those in their twenties and thirties, are also declining.

The Common Approach

IVF doesn’t necessarily address the full spectrum of reasons why people are struggling, it doesn’t make people more fertile and therefore isn’t a cure for infertility. And as research is suggesting, it may have trans-generational side effects.

The Revolutionary Solution

Fertility and wider health needs to be approached through a multidimensional perspective of mind, body and spirit, all coming together to treat the person as a whole, through an endobiogenic approach and a new era of science. The body is a finely tuned symphony of various systems operating in tandem, where the mind is linked with the body and spirit, and our environment is inextricably tied in with our genes.

Better Women’s Health

Fertility is a barometer of someone’s overall state of wellbeing and so misses a vital opportunity to look deeper at some of the issues affecting a person’s health and intervene.

A Unique Approach

We bring together cutting edge research in science, along with ancient traditional wisdom. It marries conventional medicine and alternative practice to treat the whole person.

Conscious Conception

The investment we make in our health prior to conception will be the single most important thing we do in our long term health, those of our children and the generations to come.

Why Choose Dr. Larisa

By choosing Dr. Larisa Corda, you’re not only selecting a highly skilled medical professional but also a compassionate advocate for your well-being, offering a holistic approach and a wealth of expertise to guide you on your healthcare journey.



As a leading Fertility expert, Dr. Larisa brings extensive knowledge and experience to her practice.


Holistic Care:

She offers a holistic approach, addressing lifestyle factors and blending various medical techniques for tailored healthcare.


Advocacy and Recognition:

Dr. Larisa’s advocacy for women’s rights and her accolades reflect her dedication and excellence.

Hello, I’m Doctor Larisa Corda.

I’m an obstetrician and gynaecologist, with a specialist interest in reproductive medicine.

I’m also a scientist, spiritualist, TV doctor and author and I’m so happy you’re here to learn more about health and fertility. Nothing would be a greater privilege than getting to help you, whether you’re ready to conceive a child, or you’re just after a different approach to a condition you may have been diagnosed with.

I studied medicine at Imperial College London and have practised medicine in the UK as well as Australia. I’ve been obsessed with the science of hormones and the impact they have on our bodies, ever since my first biology class. I was that geeky kid at school that called the vagina and vulva by their proper names, and brought up my menstrual cycle at the dinner table as if I was discussing the weather. In truth, all the things societies consider taboo have been a normal part of my life ever since I can remember, and so it’s not surprising I grew up with a bohemian approach that evolved into a holistic way of practising, combining both my passion for science and curiosity in the spiritual. The mystical has always had an important part in my life, and I decided to study spirituality with the same level of dedication as medicine, in one of the most spiritual places in the world, Glastonbury, UK.

As I deepened my understanding of both science and spirit, and Eastern as well as Western approaches, I started drawing associations and discovering answers, many of which remained elusive to me as a doctor, until I was able to develop a new and unique lens through which I could view health. This fascination and commitment to finding the answers (a combination of my own human design and astrological make up, I’m told), has led me to learning from some of the best esoteric healers in the world, and combining this expertise with my medical practice, to create what I feel is a radically different approach to wellness, where I deconstruct all the dimensions of health into the physical, emotional and spiritual, and apply the full extent of my experience and knowledge in the alternative and allopathic, to help people to have children but also to become more fertile in the process.

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