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A revolutionary approach to fertility

Fertility & Pregnancy

A fertile body requires a whole lifestyle approach that taps into every aspect of health and boosts your natural fertility gradually and holistically.

Health & Wellness

Honouring your mind, body and soul with daily exercise, affirmations, and meditation is a huge part of being healthy, but also increasing your self awareness and intuition.


The fact is “we are what we eat”, and a good diet can provide health for generations to come. Eat food in season, organically and in its most nutritional cleanest state possible.

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The 5 Pillar Approach


Optimize your food intake with customized nutrition advise and guidance


We’ll work with you to build a routine that fits your lifestyle and goals

Stress Management

Gain access to practical tools and techniques to overcome personal stress

Toxin-free Living

Cleanse your life of every toxic input and create new healthier habits

Sex & Relationships

Create the intimacy that fosters the best environment for fertility

Through improving your epigenetic profile, the benefits of The Conception Plan include:


Optimising your natural fertility and health


Optimising the health of your children


Feeling better, with improved concentration, clarity and energy levels


Leading a healthier life where you make healthier choices that benefit your long term wellbeing


Improving your menstrual health with more regular cycles and a more balanced immune and hormonal system


Improving your symptoms naturally across a range of gynaecological conditions


Helping to reduce the impact of ageing on your health


Increasing sex drive and cultivating a healthy intimate relationship with your partner and yourself


Developing a deeper connection with yourself

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Insights from leading obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Larisa Corda

About Dr. Larisa

Her holistic approach to fertility, health, and pregnancy

Dr. Larisa Corda, an accomplished Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, stands out as one of the foremost Fertility experts in the United Kingdom. She earned her qualifications from Imperial College London and received training in both the UK and Australia. Her treatment philosophy revolves around an integrated and holistic approach, addressing various lifestyle factors and combining elements from both Eastern and Western medicine, as well as traditional and complementary techniques.

Happy Clients

“Larisa has helped us immensely over the last 12 months. She took the time to understand us as a couple and individually. Her guidance, advice and knowledge have allowed us to take a new path in our new fertility journey and take control of my PCOS….it really does take a community!

From help with mental and physical health, nutritional and spiritual Larisa has reshaped how we now see our new journey which has led to positive results after 8 years of trying to start a family.”


“I felt I struck gold receiving that first call from This Morning, telling me they would like to introduce us to Dr Larisa to help with mine and Dan’s fertility journey.

Dr Larisa is one person I wish every woman could speak to in their lifetime even just for a few minutes. I am always in awe of her knowledge, determination, and passion for fertility, and i didn’t realise just how hard it was to have a baby, until I met who I call Freddie’s fairy god mother.

The conception plan is in my words ‘The Fertility Bible’ even if you think you know your body, I do feel any woman or man would benefit reading this book, you will learn so much.

I will be forever grateful for the support, help and advice we received from Larisa, even to this day I know if need any advice I can reach out and be supported by the best. I will be eternally grateful”

Kathryn and Dan

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Larissa Corda to anyone seeking healing and a deeper connection with their body and greater understanding for the emotional connection to physiological states deemed as health issues

Her compassionate care and support have allowed me to embark on a transformative journey of self love and empowerment. I am releasing emotional blocks, connected with my own femininity, and am tapping into my own unique power and intuition.

Dr Larisa Cora’s holistic approach and commitment to empowering her patients are for those on a journey of self discovery & responsibility for their own health & wellbeing. I am immensely grateful for her impact on me to continue my path towards wholeness and self fulfilment.”


Both my husband and I have been diagnosed with conditions impacting on our fertility (low ovarian reserve and autoimmune issues, and azoospermia). After over 3 years of receiving traditional fertility treatments from clinics, finding and working with Larisa set my husband and I on a path to reconnecting with ourselves.

Our goal was still to have a baby, but the holistic approach Larisa takes enabled us to address our health and wellbeing from every angle in a way that traditional clinics never had. We have so much peace about how our journey is unfolding, and know that it’s all happening as it’s meant to. Working with Larisa helped bring us to this place of peace.




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