The Conception Plan was born as a result of wanting to create something different that brought together all of the latest cutting edge research in science, along with the ancient traditional wisdom of complementary approaches, marrying the worlds of allopathic conventional medicine and alternative practice to treat and support a person as a whole, in all of their uniqueness and individual challenges. The Conception Plan recognises that physical solutions and medical interventions are not the only answer to infertility, and that the mind and spirit have an important role. Most of all, it values the fact that you, above all else, have the power to change your health and equips you with the scientifically backed tools you need to improve your health, fertility and become a parent. Whilst being a series of implementable, customisable and proven strategies to help with conception, as well as positively influencing the health of any child that’s born, most of all, it’s a way of being that you will adopt as a lifestyle and take with you for the rest of your life, that may not only change your reproductive lifespan and outcomes, but also those of your children and their long term health.  

Your emotions and previous life experiences are a vital part of shaping your biology. Yet they’re often totally dismissed by conventional medicine, which is happy to label over a third of those struggling to conceive as having “unexplained infertility”. The Conception Plan is about answering why you may be experiencing challenges and helping you to do something about them. It’s also about recognising that though your genes contain a blueprint for your health and fertility, they are shaped and modified by the uniqueness of your environment and it’s the individuality of this that moulds the internal landscape of your health. This is the new frontier of science called epigenetics and it’s at the very core of The Conception Plan.