My approach to care recognises people are more than just a collection of different systems that seemingly have nothing to do with each other. The issue of infertility is mainly seen as physical and solely focused on the pelvic organs. But we can’t separate the mind from the body and the emotional from the physical. An imbalance or distortion in one has consequences and long lasting impacts on the other. A physical disease almost inevitably has a mental and emotional component that exists alongside it, providing context for the condition. Our individual cells hold tension, trauma, emotions and memories from our experiences. A large part of improving our health and fertility involves cultivating and nourishing a deeper and more authentic relationship between our body, mind and nervous system. Our bodies are a complex multi dimensional series of systems and physical ailments always present an opportunity for raising our level of awareness, calling us to witness the way we’ve been leading our lives, and seeking to empower us beyond the current state that we’re in. 

We don’t just exist under the destiny of our genes or predispositions inherited from our parents, but we have the means of changing and adjusting the environment that exists within and outside of us and influencing the behaviour of what we’ve been dealt. The first environment any of us are ever exposed to is that of our mother’s womb, which is why the investment which happens before conception is so vital, as it’s the first thing our children will ever come into contact with. Our bodies and cells are constantly receiving information which is being processed and integrated. But if we aren’t supported in doing this properly, we can cultivate unhealthy habits that start to damage our health. 

The path to conceiving can be long and difficult, not just because of co existing medical conditions, but also because it often unravels some of our deepest, most primal core wounds and epigenetic patterns we’ve either inherited or acquired over the course of our lives. What’s fascinating is that it also reveals what’s going on for us not just physically and mentally, but energetically too, at the level of our electromagnetic field. This is why health conditions, that include infertility, must take the whole person into account, not just parts of them. 

I draw on physical techniques in the realms of biochemistry, nutrition, endocrinology, epigenetics, functional medicine, immunology and neuropsychology, and combine them with the energetic techniques such as acupuncture, osteopathy, and homeopathy, to offer a truly unique and fully integrated approach to wellness and preconception. 

To be fertile isn’t only about creating another human being, but also about opening up to the possibility of creating a whole new version of ourselves. Spiritually speaking, we undergo a process of returning home to ourselves to deconstruct and to transform. Scientifically speaking, we know this is possible through the epigenome which when programmed to benefit us, offers a whole new realm of possibilities available for our health and wellbeing.