To consciously conceive, we have to be intentional about all of the aspects we bring to the process if becoming pregnant, and the consequences that this carries for the child and us as parents. The investment we make in our health prior to conception will be the single most important thing we do to invest in our long term health, those of our children and any generations that come after us. But it requires a different process to what we’ve traditionally been taught, and where preconception has been seen as nothing more than taking prenatal vitamins. 

Before we bring a child into the world, we must first go through a process of rebirth ourselves. This involves becoming conscious of all the different elements that make up our health, from the food we eat, to what we expose ourselves to in our environments, to the thoughts we ruminate over each day. We must develop an awareness of the events, circumstances, conditions and patterns that have shaped who we are now and be ready to step on to a path of self evolution that involves becoming curious about the challenges we face, and being open to transforming them. Our minds and bodies are just as important when it comes to shaping our health, yet so much of the allopathic medical model leaves out the mind, which happens to be a vital part of the puzzle that makes up our health and fertility. I believe in coalescing the mind, body and spirit together when it comes to helping someone become pregnant, and creating shifts of consciousness that change our physical, emotional and spiritual states. The journey to conceiving a child starts much earlier than when most people presume it does. It goes all the way back to our childhoods and our own personal experiences that shape who we become.

Conceiving a child is really when spirit and science come together and both of these realms need to be addressed. When we do the work that’s necessary in order to become healthier, we also heal any unhealthy generational patterns that have been handed down, and change the trajectory for our children. Becoming a parent is the most vulnerable yet most exciting journey we’ll ever make, co creating new stories and possibilities with our bodies, that aren’t necessarily the fate of what we’ve been handed down.