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The Unconventional Birth of The Conception Plan

Accomplished Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Larisa, shares her unique approach to optimizing your health and fertility as seen on TV.

Dr Larisa Corda launching her book, he Conception Plan, on This Morning and how she helped a couple on the show to have their miracle baby.
Dr Larisa Corda discussing her book, The Conception Plan, on Lorraine, as well as fertility and women’s health.

The Conception Plan was first introduced on the popular TV show – This Morning

The Conception Plan helps you take control of your health and reprogramme your epigenetic profile to optimise natural fertility.

Natural Fertility
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The Conception Plan uncovers the ‘why’ of fertility challenges and helps you shape real solutions. 

The Conception Plan was born as a result of wanting to create something different that brought together all of the latest cutting edge research in science, along with the ancient traditional wisdom of complementary approaches, marrying the worlds of allopathic conventional medicine and alternative practice to treat and support a person as a whole, in all of their uniqueness and individual challenges. 

Your genes are shaped and modified by your unique environment and it’s the individuality of this that moulds the internal landscape of your health. This is the new frontier of science called epigenetics and it’s at the very core of The Conception Plan.


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