You may not have even thought about pregnancy yet, but being a mother or father is important to you at some point in the future. You may have a medical condition, such as PCOS or endometriosis, that you’d like holistic input over and a chance to look after your fertility. You may have been on long term hormonal contraception that’s disconnected you from the opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with your body and to understand its messages. Or you may be at the beginning of your conception journey, or have found yourself struggling over many months or years. You may have tried forms of assisted reproductive technologies or experienced baby loss. You may be at the point of utter despair, feeling you’ve lost all connection with yourself and the world around you, where your sense of confidence, purpose and even identity have been eroded. You haven’t felt heard or understood and you’re aware there’s a lot of unintegrated emotion that you’ve never had a means of expressing or dealing with. You may not even recognise yourself as the person you were before you started trying.

If you’re any of the above, I’m here to help to guide you through what can be a really confusing, fearful and uncertain time. The loss of control, hopelessness and helplessness you may be feeling can be difficult to navigate but is often proportionate to the difficulties you may have faced. Your mental, emotional and spiritual health matters as much as your physical wellbeing and, even more than that, if left untreated can directly impact your physical health. So, having a holistic approach that covers all of these areas should be the norm, not the rarity it is nowadays. We are multidimensional beings and we need approaches that marry all the different aspects of health in the modern age in order to view wellness through a totally different lens. Health is not just the mere absence of disease. Rather, it is the ability to adapt and self manage in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges. It therefore needs a system that recognises this and doesn’t just react to but rather looks to prevent the onset of disease.

Close-up of parents cuddling their newborn baby.
Close-up of parents cuddling their newborn baby.

It’s my sincerest desire to support you on a different path of self discovery and self belief where you’ll be guided to not only understand your situation better, but to engage in ways of managing that return the power back to you, where you get to make the lasting changes that will determine the course of your health and the health of any children you have, for years to come. When a person becomes pregnant and births a child, they are in fact also giving birth to a multidimensional version of themselves too. Our physicality, as well as spirituality and energetics are closely intertwined with every aspect of ourselves, including our health and wellbeing. Pregnancy and conception are really a means of establishing a connection with the deeper spiritual part of ourselves that leads us into further paths of evolution. 

The Benefits of The Conception Plan include:

  1. Feeling better, with improved concentration, clarity and energy levels
  2. Leading a healthier life where you make healthier choices that benefit your long term wellbeing
  3. Improving your menstrual health with more regular cycles and a more balanced immune and hormonal system
  4. Improving your symptoms naturally across a range of gynaecological conditions
  5. Helping to reduce the impact of ageing on your health
  6. Increasing sex drive and cultivating a healthy intimate relationship with your partner and yourself
  7. Developing a deeper connection with yourself
  8. Improving your natural fertility, even if you end up using assisted reproductive technologies to help (which in themselves don’t make you fertile)
  9. Improving your health during pregnancy, the post natal period and beyond into menopause
  10. Improving the health of any children you have