The emotional bond and connection that women feel with their children even before they’re born, is more than just sentimental. So much more than that. In fact, it’s cellular and we know this because of the process of micro chimerism, where cells that belong to the foetus mix with the mother’s and the two become intertwined forever. Mothers retain biological memories of their pregnancy for the rest of their lives. The baby’s cells integrate into the mother’s tissues where they can help to shape, mould, replenish and protect her different cells and organs, and even forge new connections within the brain and central nervous system. Therefore, the babies we have, literally, shape and condition our bodies and our brains to hold greater capacities and to tap into the multidimensional nature of our being.

So, as much as a mother helps to shape her baby’s health, so too does her baby help to shape her own in this beautiful symbiotic relationship. Within weeks of conception, cells from the mother and baby traffic back and forth across the placenta, meaning that one becomes part of the other, weaving a beautiful ancestral tapestry that will last beyond their own lifetime. Children also acquire cells from their mothers that persist much later in life, influencing their own health and wellbeing, and likely also the health of their own children too. Women who have experienced pregnancy therefore become a microchimera, embodying at least three unique cell populations in their bodies: their own, their mother’s and their children’s.

It’s interesting and important to note that the number three in practically all religions is assigned spiritual importance that allows us to view phenomena from the perspective of three dimensions, rather than just two. The term microchimera comes from the Greek fire breathing creature that had three separate components, with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. It’s believed this mechanism developed in mammals some 93 million years ago and scientists are even looking at whether this influence has metaphysical consequences for us humans, providing an important link to our inherent spirituality. 

This exciting and unfolding research is beginning to show what spiritualists have believed for many centuries, that humans are made up of many intersecting processes and templates, each one influencing the other. In fact, we now have scientific evidence that we start off life as an electromagnetic template that forms after fertilization, and that our spiritual anatomy precedes the development of the physical. In other words, pregnancy is helping us to develop and understand a new concept of the self. When women become pregnant and birth a child, they are in fact also giving birth to a multidimensional version of themselves too. 

This is why our spirituality and energetics are so closely intertwined with every aspect of ourselves, including our health and wellbeing. Pregnancy and conception are really a means of establishing a connection with the spiritual part of ourselves that leads us into further paths of evolution.