If we stop to consider it, so much of what we do, our actions, our feelings, our sleep, our mood, our libido is influenced by our hormones. These are the secret chemical messengers between our cells that influence our entire biochemistry and wellbeing. In my job as a reproductive specialist, hormones have a vital role in fertility and pregnancy. In fact, in no other realm of medicine do we get to see the importance of these secret messangers and what they do, influencing not just our bodies but also our ability to give rise to another human life.

My fascination with hormones started out when I first started studying biology at school. And the same fascination that gripped me then, as well as the mind numbingly beautiful interplay between all these hormones, continues to amaze me now. I truly believe that all men and women, girls and boys, need to understand what goes on behind the scenes and regulates everything from our puberty, to our general health, to pregnancy and finally the menopause.

This is why I’m a big supporter of helping to initiate people to take an interest in their hormone health and seek to understand it better.

The picture you see here is from last months @thrivahealth and @catchcomms event where we discussed the importance of hormones in regulating health. I remember a question from one member of the audience, which was what can I do now to help me when considering pregnancy later? My response to this was to recommend a fertility MOT.

This is something I’d recommend for any man or woman interested in making the best decisions about how to start a family, because practically all the education we receive focuses on how not to get pregnant, yet nowhere near enough emphasis is given to the problems that might arise when trying to conceive. Most women have never even seen a gynaecologist by the time they consider pregnancy. Knowledge is power, and information leads to options to guide you in making the best decisions about your health and future 💪💕 In today’s piece for @telegraph I comment on this. Read the full article at