There are an astonishing number of very early signs that you might be pregnant, so we’ve compiled the most common symptoms by talking to fertility experts, midwives and obstetricians, analysing the latest scientific research – and asking hundreds of mums and mums-to-be directly and in our forums.

“Symptoms of early pregnancy range from the more obvious – such as a positive early pregnancy test – to the lesser-known – such as strange tastes and bloating,” says Dr Amin Gorgy, fertility consultant and co-director of the The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy.

“The exact symptoms – and the severity of them – will be different for everyone but there are certainly a large number of early signs of pregnancy that are worth looking out for.”

The main signs broadly fall into 11 main categories, each affecting different physical areas of your body (such as your breasts, your head or your tummy) or different emotions you may be feeling.

Before we start, though, a little word of caution: some of these early pregnancy symptoms are tantalisingly similar to those you get when you’re pre-menstrual or when you’re having your period – which means it can be tough to tell whether your body’s actually telling you you’re pregnant or not.

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