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Hey there, I’m Natalie Silverman, host of The Fertility Podcast. My podcast is for anyone looking to find out more about issues affecting your fertility, especially if you don’t want to constantly be trawling the internet! Imagine having access to a whole host of expert interview and men and women sharing their infertility stories, that you can relate to. Well you do. Over 150 episodes. I’ve just celebrated my 4th year making this podcast and it has been an unexpected journey into what I can only describe as an amazing community of brilliant people, educating, creating, supporting you on this TTC journey. It is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever experienced, having found it after one of the most challenging times in my life.

My story… well I’m a radio broadcaster with over 15 years experience. I hosted a breakfast show with Heart for five years which I left to have my son. We were fortunate to have one successful round of ICSI and our son, Phoenix was born in March 2015. Once successfully pregnant I launched this podcast as I could only find American voices talking about fertility issues and felt strongly that there should be a British one.

Now there are many more podcasts available which I’m delighted about.

Podcasts are growing in popularity as people realise how easy they are to consume and when it comes to something as tricky to talk about as infertility, hearing other people who you can relate helps with the isolation. I’m chuffed to say, The Fertility Podcast is listened to in over 50 countries, although that statement is tinged with sadness as it reminds me just how many of us are dealing with this issue.

I’ve learnt from the wonderful people who have shared their stories that infertility drags its heels for many years. Whether it’s time spent having to endure failed cycles or pregnancy loss, the emotional toll of it all is relentless. I’ve made over 150 episodes so far and it feels like there is a long way to go, so much more to talk about and I’m constantly looking for more stories to tell, more angles to cover.

This is why I’m really looking forward to working with Larisa, sharing more of her work in my podcasts as I’m really keen to focus more on the holistic approach.

Having learnt so much about failed cycles and the number of you who have to endure them, I’m changing the direction of my podcast for 2019. I want to put as much emphasis on empowering you with the more knowledge of how you can be the best version of yourself before having to have treatment. Or if you’ve already started and have had a failed cycle, know what change you could implement ahead of the next one. Arm yourself with information about lifestyle changes, nutrition, mindfulness. Don’t let this infertility bitch be your demise, let me be a pal in all of this. Don’t ever think you are alone. You can subscribe to The Fertility Podcast via Apple Podcast, Acast, Stitcher or Google Podcasts and be sure to check out