This is @emmagronbaek and she is a donor child, born as a result of sperm donation when her parents struggled to become pregnant. She is one of the most inspirational young women I have ever met, training to be a nurse herself, and is the reason why we all gathered in Denmark over the last few days, to celebrate the amazing work done by @cryosinternational and their contribution to the world of science along with the many thousands of families they have helped to create around the world.

But none of this would have been possible without the incredible vision and determination of Ole, the founder, who had a dream back in the 80s,of how wonderful it would be if we could freeze sperm donated by others, to help all those who could not conceive. Not having trained as a scientist, he went on to learn about human embryology by educating himself with a small microscope in his room, and later went on to combine his skills as an economist, artist and sportsman, to set up what is now the world’s largest sperm bank.

What an honour it was to meet him. As Steve Jobs said, the pieces of the puzzle somehow all come together eventually, and it takes someone crazy to risk everything in order to trailblaze and eventually change the world. These are not the people who play it safe, they don’t tow the line, and they are often met with criticism and outside threats. But they continue to believe in that little bit of magic believing in themselves and their differences. So, in the words of La La Land, here’s too the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem… Because without them, this world would be a much poorer place. Have courage, have hope and never give up on your dreams, even when no one else seems to see them except you. Own it