Wondering whether you should freeze your eggs? For this week’s Ask the Gynaecologist weekly series, Dr Larisa Corda reveals eight facts you need to know

Egg freezing was traditionally developed to preserve fertility in women undergoing cancer treatment.  Whilst this still remains an important reason to do it, egg freezing has become an increasingly popular social choice for many women who are aware of their own biological clock and who wish to give themselves the best chance of being able to have a child later in life with their own biological eggs.

Women are, for the first time, taking matters into their own hands. No longer at the whim of men’s indecisiveness about committing, and feeling empowered over being able to have a degree of control over their own fertility, even if life circumstances don’t allow them to have children as soon as they may want to.

But what are the facts about egg freezing and when should you do it? Doctor Larisa Corda reveals eight facts about egg freezing…

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