So pleased to have got the chance to create this really important video with the wonderful @channelmum that should be seen by every single woman, as it could just save her life.

Breast examination is an important practice that as women we should all be doing once a month, and looking out for important basic signs and symptoms. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s something you can teach your friends and sisters to do.
I’m in awe of the incredible @kerrywhelpdale who has graciously donated her breasts (!) for the public at large, so that we can educate and teach on this incredibly important subject 💕

This video will guide you in some basic rules and principles of how to do a self examination at home. It’s important you get used to what your own breasts feel like and what is normal for you, and doing this at the same time each month in your cycle will help. Sadly, breast examination is not routinely or regularly carried out by doctors, and so it’s even more important to understand how to do it yourself. If you are unsure or suspect you feel or see something unusual, please make sure you see your GP.
Watch the full video over at the link below👇 and please share with all the women you know

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