In honour of world #menstrualhygieneday it seems an appropriate time to talk about the P word, that’s your periods!

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they’re important and one of the main pillars of our general health, as they can be affected by so many various conditions and ailments, not necessarily all gynaecological.

And yes, they are also pretty important when it comes to determining your fertility.

But how do we handle them and what can we use to manage them. In this vid I helped to make with @channelmumwe discuss all the options and in particular some more environmentally friendly and sustainable products that I’m a big fan of, including the panties made by my friends @wukawear.

And remember, no matter how frustrating an unannounced flow can be, it’s all part of the sacred tribe we call women. Some who still haven’t got access to basic menstrual protection and continue to experience stigma over it in our societies. So, let’s talk about the P word and make it a priority for no girl or woman to suffer in silence. Check out the full video by going to the following link.

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