Women are taking risks

Gynaecologist and fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda says: “Unregulated sperm donation is a worrying trend seen across the country.

Women are putting themselves in direct danger by resorting to using sperm from men who advertise themselves online but who haven’t necessarily undergone any screening at all or been honest about their motives.

Many of these men insist on natural insemination, pressuring women into having sex when they meet.

Women are not only at risk of assault but also of sexually transmitted infections that could affect their health and the health of their babies too.

Another issue is the risk of genetically inherited conditions the donor may not have declared.

That’s not to mention the complicated factor of legal parenthood, as well as the potential for many half-siblings to be born and future relationships between them.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority is very strict about the criteria used for sperm donors to avoid all of these potential problems.”

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