Thank you to @eshre_official for the most wonderful fertility congress, the biggest in the world. Being exposed to so many brilliant minds in our profession, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, listening to the latest research and socialising until the early hours of the morning, yes, that’s what this congress is all about And discovering you have amazing insta followers from around the world, now that’s the power of our community.
I’ve had the best time and I’ve shared as much as I could with you guys on my stories, so it’s almost as if you were there.

I’ll be sharing lots more in my feed with videos on all the latest and for me, some of the highlights have to be the research coming out on environmental effects on our fertility. Wowsers, this stuff is powerful and is a huge part of #theconceptionplan which is all about how to minimise exposure to these potentially harmful substances and preserve your fertility. Have a look on my stories to see exactly how excited I got listening to this research .

With it being an intense few days of collaboration, research and scientific hope, I’m releasing 2 IGTV vids on the topics which have come up a lot during this year’s @eshre_officialand which also happen to be the most popular topics you wanted me to cover. They are early ovarian ageing and why some women have an earlier menopause, as well as mild IVF and what it is (I’m a massive fan of this) I love being at medical congresses such as this to learn and better my practice each time, in keeping with the latest research and innovation. But I’m all too aware that my profession has an immense amount of jargon and controversy that make it difficult to interpret if you’re a patient.

This is why I’m passionate about distilling these concepts and ideas into videos and blogs that I can share with you, so you can get the full benefit of all the latest innovations as if you were here, and can also share with others who may be in need of this information too. And to be honest, I can’t think of a single man or woman not in need of this info who also happens to be of childbearing age, because whether you want to get pregnant now or not does not matter.

It’s about educating yourself with all the facts and options, so that you can make the best and most empowering choices for yourself in time This is the biggest and most important principle I want to get across in all I do, so when I get messages from some saying that you love my content but you’re not looking to get pregnant yet, well guess what, this stuff is totally for you and just as applicable!!! So listen up! And the sooner we start this discussion in life on fertility, the better, and the more people we can help to realise their dreams A special thanks goes to my colleague and friend at the congress with me, who also happens to be a very talented photographer and is responsible for the pics on the river here in Vienna.

I’m so excited to be here in Vienna for the @eshre_official 2019 fertility congress This is one of the largest meetings in the world for my profession and what I love most about it all is engaging with so many incredible experts from all around the world, 12000 to be precise And getting to have intellectual discussions about the latest and best practice for our patients, as well as hang out with them socially, completely depriving ourselves of any sleep for two days But the thing about medicine is that no matter where you are in the world, there are really no barriers as it’s a universal language we all understand Yesterday we got to go on a cruise on the magical Blue Danube, which was so special, and I even got a sperm tattoo on my arm and leg towards the end of the evening thanks to @cryosinternational and yeah, I sort of can’t wash it off today!  I love sharing all the new updates and information with you all, I’d love you all to benefit, so stay closely tuned to my gazillions of stories I’ll be posting and have already shared, and which I’ll be adding to my highlights soon.