By Beth Wright, Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.


❤ Do your research to see what’s available where you are staying.

If you have a kitchen (great!) if not check out the food options where you are staying or in the area close by


❤ Always pack your own supply of protein powder / bars / healthy snacks etc. so you have a back-up plan.

I have a mini battery operated plastic blender from a local sports shop so I can whip up a shake anywhere


❤ Pick a lean protein source at every meal plus 2 sides of veggies / salad (ask to be steamed no dressing).

Good veggies taste amazing simply cooked and you can save those calories for a glass of wine / dessert / ice cream/ holiday treat


❤ Factor in one treat a day.

Plan in advance/schedule sightseeing around it and enjoy!


❤ Keep tracking to keep yourself accountable.

On holiday I mainly aim to not exceed calories and hit my protein target. I don’t worry too much about fat/carbs. Want to be even more relaxed then just aim for calories (but be mindful to get protein at every meal)


❤ Keep your steps as high as possible…

It’s always easier when in a new place… go explore whilst giving yourself extra wiggle room due to all the extra activity!


❤ Don’t underestimate the value of a quick 15-20 min hotel room workout!

Every bit of movement counts / lifts the heart rate / helps you feel good. I like to do something before hitting breakfast … that way I really enjoy breakfast!


❤ If planning a special meal in the evening either go lighter earlier in the day or add in extra steps / or a workout.

Drag husband/ partner/ wife/ kids/ friends to the closest park or gym or on a walk with you – that way everyone benefits!


❤ Remember you are on holiday and this is magical time for you / your family / loved ones.

Enjoy, relax, sleep and unwind. Often just these alone can help keep you on track (eat more intuitively) and you will come back ready to get stuck in again!



Beth is a qualified personal trainer, group fitness and yoga instructor, a nutrition and holistic lifestyle coach.

She is a true believer that health incorporates not just our diet and fitness but also our sleep patterns, stress management, social engagement with others and ensuring a healthy happy attitude to life. Beth is passionate about working hand in hand with clients to achieve a healthy balance wherever they may live. Beth works with a small number of clients to deliver highly personalised programs to get great results.

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