It’s finals weekend at Wimbledon with @serenawilliams showing us just how fit, strong and determined women really can be after having babies. I’m a huge fan of this incredible sportswoman and whilst we may not all be as fit as Serena, the point is that we can all do what is achievable and realistic for us, pushing ourselves that little bit further each day. We are all so much stronger than we realise and the whole process of endurance is one that builds stamina and grit that can be applied to all areas of life, especially when you’re on the fertility roller-coaster. By committing to a fitness regime whilst trying to conceive, you’re not only improving your chances of pregnancy, but also reducing the risk of miscarriage, and providing yourself with positive daily goals to aim towards, giving you a sense of purpose, achievement and control.

When pregnant, it’s just as important to remain committed to exercising, adjusting this for each trimester and preparing your body for the process of delivering as well as reducing the risk of any complications that could affect you and your baby. After delivery, staying fit will help you regain your body shape and lose weight but will also ensure you are at your fittest and healthiest when looking after your little one. So, all in all, no matter what stage of the pregnancy journey you’re on, fitness is vital.

In fact, it’s crucial for our overall gynaecological health, as exercise has been shown to help manage conditions like PMS, PCOS and also endometriosis. I regularly get messages from you all telling me how much #theconceptionplan that includes fitness it helping you, because all the pillars combined work in tendem to help you to create the best possible health for yourself and your future baby.
Due to popular demand, I will be releasing videos I created with my amazing friend and pregnancy and fitness expert @mamawelluk who trained none other than Vogue Williams in the lead up to, during and after her pregnancy. These vids will explain why fitness is important, how to adjust it and what you can do at home to achieve incredible results. So stay tuned for all that coming your way very shortly.