I’m so excited about the holiday season and the chance to spend a bit more time really paying attention to our bodies and our health, nurturing their full fertile potential. Our bodies naturally crave the healthier side of life over Summer, being more drawn to fresh fruit and veg, food that is raw and cleansing, and more exercise in the form of swimming, yoga or outdoor activities in the good weather, which also increases our Vitamin D that’s vital for fertility. In addition to which we naturally spend more time socialising and relaxing outside in nature, which lowers our stress and cortisol hormones. Is it any surprise then that a lot of people find themselves conceiving over the Summer months as the combination of all these factors naturally boosts fertility for both men and women. Read More

During the next few weeks, take advantage of all of this and use my lifestyle tips I share with @attachmentmummy to get your fertility fitness at its peak.

As well as that, my beautiful friend and lifestyle coach @bfitandfabulous has just shared her top tips on my website for how to continue your fit habits whilst on holiday and still have fun. Find her blog on:


Remember that all the advice I share with you is not in any way gruelling or punishing but about following the natural rhythmical and intuitive approach towards getting pregnant, that will also look after you and your baby in pregnancy and beyond.