Someone once said to me, what’s the point of Tuesday?! It’s not the beginning of the week it’s not mid week and it’s not the lead up to the weekend, so it’s just generally a bit of a blah day.

I’m not sure I necessarily have the answer but to me, I equate this day to the early follicular phase in the menstrual cycle (of course it may not actually be your personal follicular phase but I am speaking metaphorically here ) which is all about renewal and regeneration, so essentially about creating nourishing fertile ground in the lead up to ovulation. In Jewish and Christian culture this day is associated with the Genesis and therefore the whole story of creation.

In addition, Tuesday traditionally honours the God Mars, who was initially an agricultural god to the ancient Romans. He governed the fertility, sanctity and nourishment of vegetation. Essentially, Mars was the divine guardian of the land. The month of March is named after Mars and this is the time spring begins to start her engines. This connection between Mars renders symbolism of new growth, burgeoning life, renewal and a big-time surge of energy.

With that in mind, it gives us reason to celebrate fertility on a Tuesday and a natural shift in attention towards creating new life. I have some new material out for you on this theme, the first with the fab @femalefirst_uk all about how to get ready for pregnancy:

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And the second is with the lush @mybabagram on the different options for fertility treatment if you are in need of assistance:

Remember, whether you are trying naturally or with assistance, all my lifestyle tips for how to prime your body (that I also share on my website) are just as applicable and will help both situations, as they can be done in tandem with any fertility treatment you are having, helping to give you the best possible chance at success. More info on this below.

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