I’m loving being out here and getting into the holiday vibe, with last night being an epic moment I’ve waited for all year: I went to see The Lion King, my favourite ever Disney movie One of the reasons being because it just has so much truth about life and the need to respect our living planet with the whole concept of karma so beautifully tied in. Most of all, I love the call to courage to stand up for justice and to believe in yourself.

We went to see it in an outdoor cinema under a carpet of stars, that was full to the brim with adults and children. Standing behind me in the queue was a family with two beautiful girls adopted from Africa. They had amazing ballerina dresses and I started chatting to them, telling them how pretty they looked and how much I want to go to Africa.

I was embarrassed to admit that their Croatian was actually better than mine and that their dresses were far more spectacular than my own! But I’ll forgive them for that because it made me so happy to see how far this small nation damaged by a previous war that set out to create ethnic divisions, has actually come: where adopting internationally or interracially would have once been seen as tabboo, is no longer the case and instead all minds and hearts have been opened to this beautiful way of building families with a love that transcends all races, nationalities and religions.

Yeeeessss to this and the growing number of people who are choosing to redefine the family unit, whether it be through adoption or gamete donation, and in doing so are standing up for love, equality and justice all over the world And as for the movie, it was truly spectacular, except I now know for sure I can’t watch the bit with Mufasa in the stampede. I forced myself to do it and was left a complete emotional mess, even today! You’ve been warned people, for anyone who has yet to see the movie.