Last night we had a thunderstorm. There were flashes of lightening and the rain poured relentlessly for a couple of hours.

Whenever there is a storm, I often feel it metaphorically represents an electrified state of existence amongst us all, where the culmination of all our angst and confusion literally discharges in the most spectacular way possible, as if the Universe is cleansing an old state of being and replacing it with a new beginning. I love just watching and listening to the different physical forces take over, and even getting caught in the downpour!

It’s strange because before the thunderstorm came, I went for a late night swim, feeling spontaneously drawn to just spend time surrounding myself in nature, by diving in the sea and admiring the stars overhead. During this time I meditated and deepened my sense of spirit.

I believe this is something we all need to do on a regular basis because it gets us to raise our level of self awareness, intuition and interconnectedness. Essentially, when we start to feel connected to our emotions, feelings and the world around us, we start to realise that all our thoughts, behaviour and actions have consequences on the outside world but also on our internal environment. Deepening this practice allows you to tune into that hidden environment within our own bodies that constantly communicates to us, only we don’t stop to listen nowhere near enough. As a result, we experience stress which starts to impact on our physical sense of wellbeing.

You don’t need a thunderstorm to get you to stop, pause and make time to honour your inner sense of self. But it does take time to build this into a daily practice that becomes a ritual which helps you gain a clearer perspective and which ultimately improves your overall sense of wellbeing.

So, no matter where you are and how busy life can get, please find the time to tune into yourself and the world around you. There are countless studies that show the benefit of doing this to your physical and mental health. It may seem weird at first but you have no idea just who you may inspire to take up the habit too. It’s the weekend and you have nothing to lose