How incredible is the recent news regarding what’s been dubbed the miracle cure for the menopause?! It made headlines this weekend, so much so that I flew back from my holiday especially to cover it, and join the wonderful @thismorning family in discussing the details of what this means for women. Can you believe that my dear colleague @hemantv who used to work with me 6 years ago is now helping to carry out the pioneering work being done to freeze and preserve ovarian tissue for women to be able to use later in life?! Totes amazing

So, what exactly is the procedure and how can it help? At the moment, if a woman has been diagnosed with cancer, the treatment for this can often render her infertile, and so before treatment starts, ovaries or their tissue can be removed surgically and frozen, capturing them at that point in time, so that later following treatment, a woman can have the tissue reimplanted, avoiding an earlier menopause and being able to have her children naturally or via IVF. Now, the idea is to use the same principles to help women who may face the prospect of an earlier menopause either due to medical or surgical reasons, such as the patient on the show yesterday who had her womb and ovaries removed because of severe endometriosis.

But the big question here is should we in time be using this technique to help women who are healthy and wish to do this preventitively in order to allow them to halt the symptoms of the menopause or to have children later in life?

Super interesting and something that I’m sure is going to shape the future, so watch this space.