Speaking of the potential to have children when older, you may all know that I’m a big supporter of older age motherhood and think we stand on the precipice of being able to deliver hope in an area that used to have very little attached to it.

Traditionally speaking, as women, we are all told to get on with it and have our children by the time we’re 35. But in reality, how many of us have the ideal circumstances of financial freedom, career success and a partner to be able to do that?! The short answer is not many and as a result of the growing demands placed on all women in modern societies, as a medical profession, we have to be able to offer solutions and not discouragement for a trend that we can’t reverse and is a direct and welcome consequence of our progressive society.

For the naysayers out there, I ask you whether you seriously think that any woman would willingly want to put herself in a situation where she has her first child in her 40s? The truth is that life has just become too complicated and aside from being expected to have it all by the time we’re 35, we’re criticised and judged when through no fault of our own we have no choice but to postpone. No one gives you a medal for not settling down with the wrong man or for carving out your career first that, by the way, will ultimately feed into the nation’s economic prosperity. Instead, after so much self development, you’re then punished by being refused funding for treatment or even just basic advice!

It’s time this stopped and we started celebrating older women and helping them build their dreams of being able to have a family. It’s time to end the stigma and accept there is no turning back for our society. Being an older mother has so many advantages that I write about for the wonderful @beyondfabulous_jf and yes, there is no doubt it is a tougher route to motherhood when you are over 40, but can we please focus on developing options to help women facing this rather than simply telling them to have children when they are younger 🙌 Read the full article by going to the link below or my bio:

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