The first week of returning to the job of delivering babies and it’s been quite an emotional one! From the process of conception to the birth experience, getting to be a part of it all from the beginning is really special. The labour ward is full of so much emotion: the wonder of becoming a new parent and meeting your baby for the first time, and also all the stories that led up to the actualisation of this one perfect moment when the entire room observes an actual miracle unfold in front of them and stands in awe, seeing how amazing and powerful a woman can be.

On my way to labour ward, I stopped by this picture which so beautifully captures the pure magic of when a child is born. Whether you consider yourself religious or not, it’s humbling to experience just how spiritual a new being entering the world is. So much so I still get emotional each time I witness it, and the utter perfection of that one sacred moment. A huge thank you to my new team of colleagues, all the patients and to @sarahflint_nyc for the Perfect Pump to start my new perfect job in.