Massive congratulations go out to our amazing Conception Plan couple who finally found out the gender of their baby earlier today on @thismorning. It’s a boy I am so proud and happy for these two who, against all the odds, got pregnant naturally by following #theconceptionplan. Having struggled to conceive for 3 years, they were denied treatment by the NHS because of the fact they did not meet CCG criteria. Kathryn suffers from PCOS that causes abnormal ovulation and had a BMI close to 40 before she started the plan. Dan has varicocoeles and groin hernias that have led to him having abnormal sperm counts in the past. This combined together meant that their chances of falling pregnant naturally were very low.

Until they called in to @thismorning and got started on #theconceptionplan that meant we addressed all aspects of their fertility, from the physical, to the emotional and psychological. And soon after, they had the incredible news that they were pregnant!!! I still remember the message Kathryn sent me that morning, I literally leapt out of bed and screamed I mean, seriously, how incredible is this  @kaffers.88 and Dan, you have been absolutely amazing and such a joy to work with. Your commitment and belief has all been worth it and I could not be prouder of what you have achieved.