Fertility and Women’s Health are considered some of the most emotionally raw and challenging areas of medicine in our world today. Melissa is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner specialising in fertility, who is passionate about advancing knowledge of alternative therapies that bring remarkable success. Having graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in 2015, Melissa is backed with a wealth of knowledge to help clients address their health concerns & boost fertility to achieve healthy pregnancies.


If you are one of many couples experiencing infertility issues around the world today, homeopathy is a system of medicine that you will definitely enjoy learning about. As far as addressing fertility issues, homeopathy is fast becoming a natural treatment of choice. Since its discovery in 1796 by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy has grown to be the second largest system of medicine practiced in the world today according to the World Health Organisation. Popular among the rich and famous, even the British Royal Family have their own private homeopathic physician. Homeopathic remedies work to stimulate the body to produce healing changes within itself in response to a prescribed remedy taken in a minute dose. In the sphere of fertility, homeopathy is showing remarkable results and documented success internationally.

What we are currently finding in practice is that after years and potentially decades on the Oral Contraceptive Pill [OCP], ovulation and the associated cascade of hormones that you would expect are not returning in balance making it very difficult for our couples to conceive. This can show up as poor quality cervical mucus, a luteal phase defect, or simply low progesterone and hormone imbalance. PCOS, endometriosis, high sugar inflammatory diets and later age of trying to conceive are all factors contributing to the increased difficulty in falling pregnant.

The fertility protocol that I use in clinic was created by Melbourne homeopath Liz Lalor in 1999. Liz Lalor had 391 babies born out of 445 women who underwent her homeopathic protocol treatment, which she continued to refine over the years based on her clinical experience. This is an incredible success rate and was almost exclusively achieved with each couple within 4 cycles. These couples did not present with simple cases. Many couples had completed multiple rounds of failed IVF, some as many as 10 rounds. Recurrent miscarriages, candida, endometriosis, PCOS, amenorrhea (no periods) and anovulation (not releasing eggs), not to mention the absolute state of grief that so many couples were experiencing by this point- are all obstacles that were commonly overcome in these cases resulting in healthy pregnancies. [It should be noted that this protocol has never helped a woman with no viable eggs fall pregnant. Liz decided after years of treatment to only treat women who were 42 and under, as her success rate with women older than this was much lower].

This protocol is based on the prescribing ideology of French homeopath Dr Leon Vannier. It’s based on the idea that all homeopathic remedies will work far better once the ‘toxic pathways’ are cleared. In the vast majority of cases, the woman has a history of OCP use which has altered her menstrual cycle resulting in poor cervical mucus, possibly not ovulating, poor surges of sex hormones, cycles too long or too short etc. By clearing out the toxic load caused by years of suppression on the OCP, we can allow the organism to function better as a whole. I cannot tell you how many times a woman’s cycle has completely changed after taking homeopathic medicine.. they come off the pill and continue to have that scanty one or two day light bleed with dark stagnant blood – then the cycle after homeopathic treatment, they are shocked at the three day heavier bright red bleed that they have. They will often recount that it used to be like this in the days before they used the OCP. Of course, who does not want a one or two day super light period, but alas if its reproductive health and fertility that you are after, you will be stoked to return to its proper functioning!

The Vannier Prescribing method is essentially four remedies working together as a whole to return the organism to its healthy balanced state. Whilst the remedies given to each patient tend to be very similar, there is variation owing to the individuality of each patient’s health history. A woman with endometriosis and heavy clotted periods is likely going to receive a different remedy to a woman with no menstrual cycle. Likewise, there are specific remedies indicated for women with a history of recurring miscarriage and so on. Our bodies are all individual and acting up in different ways, so we need to treat them specifically to address those issues. For this reason, consulting a homeopath trained in the Liz Lalor protocol is needed for the individualised prescription.

We are also finding that men make up for a large percentage of our infertility cases.  A research trial of 45 sub-fertile men showed that homeopathy improved both the number and the quality of sperm. Significant changes were noted specifically in sperm density and percentage of sperm with good progressive motility. Homeopathic remedies have also been shown to help men in the area of sexual performance. The stress of infertility can be destructive for even the strongest of relationships. A great portion of men coming through the clinic are experiencing sexual anticipatory anxiety, which can affect erectile function, performance and or ejaculation. Some women come to think their husbands do not love them or might not really want a baby when this happens. [Ladies if this is you-this is almost never the case. Sex is an emotionally charged affair for all of us, the extreme pressure that TTC can bring affects us all. Go easy on your man] Constitutionally prescribed homeopathic medicines are useful in this situation, combined with advice for lightening up their sex life and trying to relieve the stress [wooo!]. Sometimes just being reassured that sexual dysfunction is oh so common and not a reflection on their relationship is enough to help the couple relax a little bit.

One last thing that should be noted about the Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol is the additional advice offered outside of homeopathic treatment. Women are asked to reduce or eliminate sugar consumption to starve out any potential candida infections. This is owing to the ability candida has to alter cervical mucus and make it a hostile environment for sperm. We want that cervical mucus to be the perfect consistency for those swimmers! If your cervical mucus isn’t slippery and an egg white consistency, this is great news to a homeopath who can prescribe a specific remedy days prior to ovulation to give it a big boost. A good quality prenatal vitamin is recommended, and occasionally herbal formulas are included. These additions are not critical to the success of the treatment, as the homeopathic protocol is generally successful within 4 cycles in its own right. It has however been shown to speed up conception by approximately one cycle, and is therefore recommended.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that I am so passionate about. Having used it myself prior to conceiving my children, I can say it boosts fertility more rapidly than any method I’ve observed. The effects are generally seen within the first cycle of treatment [praise God..because those trying to conceive will not want to waste any time.] It’s my number one choice for fertility treatment, assistance during pregnancy and labour, as well as the post-natal period. It is cost effective, and has shown remarkable success when practiced using the Liz Lalor methodology. Homeopathics is a safe and fast acting alternative treatment. It is employed by many medically trained doctors and brings outstanding results. If you have not yet considered how homeopathy could help you in your fertility journey, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with an accredited homeopath.