Alison Fuller
Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist and Fertility Massage
Practitioner specialising in Women’s Health

The majority of my clients are either struggling with the impact of PCOS or Endometriosis, wanting to conceive naturally or in the throes of IVF. Many are trying to heal from the trauma of miscarriage or recovering from a complicated birth experience.

Many look to natural therapies for help and support especially in relation to their cycles, their health and wellbeing.

Fertility Reflexology has many benefits for hormonal imbalances and fluctuations but there are two that are my real favourites.  Before I go on to tell you about these, let me just give you a brief explanation of what this therapy is.

It is a treatment that is usually carried out on the feet and lasts around 45 mins/hour.  We work a sequence of small movements gliding over the feet with the use of a cream or oil.  Each small area (reflex) represents an organ or system of the body.  Therefore we have specific reflexes for the womb, ovaries and tubes etc.

By using these techniques, we can encourage the body to activate its natural healing response – we often refer to this as a ‘shift’, like giving the body a bit of a ‘nudge’.  Sometimes the ‘nudge’ is perceived in a subtle way and sometimes it can be quite dynamic and powerful.  It never fails to be a very relaxing treatment and this might give you a hint as to the two significant benefits I love to see my clients experience!

Over the last 13 years or so it has never ceased to amaze me how revealing this therapy can be about a client’s state of health and wellbeing – it was hard to fully understand, based on historical theories, why it was having such a profound effect.

It turns out that a Reflexology treatment literally ‘shifts’ your nervous system into a calm state (Lu et al, 2011) – this is hugely importa

nt, especially when working with hormonal imbalances and fluctuations.  Stress wreaks havoc with our hormones.  While stress may not cause infertility, it certainly can have a huge impact on the way in which our hormones are behaving.  If you are reading this post then you are likely to have experienced this type of stress in some way.

In order to help your cycles regulate, your hormones rebalance, or to support natural or assisted conception (IVF) we need to calm your nervous system to give the body a chance to respond and to respond well!

The other excellent benefit is that when we work on a ‘reflex’, think womb as an example, we increase the blood flow to that organ (Mur et al, 2001)…how fabulous is that!  Our reproductive organs get very little blood supply as non-vital organs so even a little boost is incredibly important to this organ, especially at a time when so much is depending on it. Therefore, during a treatment the whole body benefits from a boost in the blood flow via these specific reflexes, allowing all the good things to happen when our tissues are oxygenated well.

These two facts alone really go some way to help underpin why Reflexology, and in particular Fertility Reflexology, can really benefit the body and the reproductive system.

Not only that, but Fertility Reflexology (Reproreflexology™) works with the natural cycle to help encourage conception or to help improve the impact of conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis.  The treatment is adapted to support all IVF and assisted Protocols, making it tailored to your Fertility needs.

We all know that #JustRelax is unacceptable in the fertility world, but perhaps with Reflexology, it is the exception!

If this has inspired you to try Reflexology, or if you are interested in my other therapies and you are relatively close to the Weybridge, Surrey area then do get in touch, you can find me at, 07811 123494, on Instagram as @alisonfullertht, Facebook – The Hormonal Therapist – Alison Fuller.  However, travelling some distance may not be optimal so do look for a qualified Fertility Reflexologist in your area.