We may have wrapped up September and Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, but awareness is always topical and vitally important.

One of the most important things you can do is inform yourself and gain a basic understanding of what is and isn’t normal, so that you can feel empowered in seeking advice earlier from a doctor.

Cervical cancer is thankfully rare in the UK because of our very effective screening programme yet despite this being available to all, we still remain reticent to get our smear done and discuss the most intimate parts of our bodies, that continue to be shrouded in shame and taboo. I see so many women who struggle to refer to their vaginas and as a culture, we have to change the shameful conditioning we have built around this.

The unique situation we have with cervical disease is to catch it before it has a chance to become cancer. It’s important to realise that even if you have an abnormal smear, it does not mean you will get cancer.

I’ve just written two articles based around cervical conditions: the first is for Female First and explains the different treatment options if you have cervical disease.

Read it here…

The second is for We Are The City, about fertility options if you have cervical disease, which also apply to ovarian disease or cancer as well. This is something I have been asked about a lot recently and which is sadly an incredibly neglected part of someone’s treatment and care.

Read it here…

I hope you find them useful and please share with whoever is in your life and may find this information beneficial!