On a complete high having been part of the incredible Red Smart Women Week and speaking about female hormones today!

I was bowled over by the amazing women I met and the sisterhood that the whole of 10-11 Charlton House Terrace was brimming with love.

Feeling so touched by all the ladies who remained behind to speak with me and hoping that we managed to start removing the stigma behind our hormones and getting a whole new powerful movement started that’s all about taking control of our health! Thank you to Sarah Tomczak, the brilliant and inspiring Red Magazine editor who shared in the love of leopard print today, as well as Julie Powell and Brigid Moss who were amazing hosts of the wellness morning, and the fab Eleanor Morgan that I got to share the stage with.


A special shout out also goes to all the amazing girls who helped put this phenomenal event together celebrating the best of women lifting women!


And for those wondering…
Shirt and trousers: Smart Works Charity
Shoes: Sarah Flint