To mark World Cancer Research Day and Gynae Cancer Awareness Month the amazing girls from @cultbeauty (who I eventually managed to persuade to come out on camera), hosted an Insta Live where I took all your gynae questions and worries, and tackled them straight on, no beating around the bush!

It’s wonderful to see Cult Beauty be the first beauty brand to openly embrace the subject of female health and host this first Insta live that I’m honoured to have been a part of. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and sent questions.

I also want to give the incredible @ladygardenfoundation a huge shout out, who do amazing work to help fund research into gynae cancer. They have created this special tote bag in partnership with Cult Beauty to celebrate their collaboration on female and sexual health, the proceeds of which all go towards funding the vital research.

I’m a big advocate of dismantling old fashioned taboos and getting rid of any hang ups we may have about our gynaecology and intimate health.

There is never anything shameful or embarrassing about discussing this and every woman should feel empowered enough to have these conversations. The ultimate goal is for every woman to understand what is and isn’t normal to be able to get the help she needs on time and prevent any of the big 5 female Cs from affecting her or her family and friends.

So ladies, please don’t beat around the bush and go get those smears done!

See your Doc if you have any worries or concerns. You just don’t know if it may help save your life.