When I received this message on my birthday from 2 of my patients whom I saw in December 2017, it really made my day.

Sophie and Duncan were struggling to conceive and what immediately stood out for me was how they were focused on what their lives were missing, but oblivious to what they actually had and how much that was.

It’s not uncommon to see that when the struggle to get pregnant becomes longer than expected, people start to become totally consumed by this one quest.

In my mind, being a good Doctor is about looking for a root cause of the issue, and that sometimes means holding off treatment. It means empowering the patient to understand that they are capable of manifesting health themselves if they commit to a process.

And so, I actually refused to provide IVF which, at the time, I remember, took both my patients by surprise!


But I realised that if I gave them IVF, they would never understand just how amazing and powerful both of them actually are. I believed that with enough guidance and self belief, they would get there.


Studies have recently suggested we may jump into doing IVF far too soon, sometimes without giving people a proper chance naturally. Up to a quarter of people with unexplained infertility have been shown to conceive naturally within a year of waiting for treatment. Of course, this chance has to be balanced with age, any health issues affecting the couple and how long they have been trying to conceive so far.

The Conception Plan is about giving someone that best possible chance at pregnancy, whether naturally or with treatment.

It’s about maximising your body’s reproductive potential and a lot of what goes into it also addresses the mind and soul. To achieve true health in this area, we have to look at our mindset and shift any debilitating emotional wounds that are there.

Sophie and Duncan managed to do that and here they are with their gorgeous twin boys, conceived completely naturally.

Words can’t describe how fulfilled and happy this makes me feel, and how blessed I am to have met this incredible and inspirational duo. I can’t wait to meet the boys now.

Thank you to you both for wanting to share your story of hope with others.