OK, so I, like a lot of people out there, am partial to a bit of Tiramisu, which happens to be one of my fave desserts.

But, given the facts out there about non-organic dairy; that it interferes with hormones, adversely affects our gut microbiome and leaves the majority of people feeling bloated, I only have it very occasionally, as a treat to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I really believe that food and nutrition has a massive impact on not just our hormonal health, but general wellbeing, gut health, a range of gynaecological conditions and fertility. I’ve written a lot about this and spoken about it as part of The Conception Plan.


This week I’m really craving a detox, having sacrificed sleep and put in a lot of hours at work. Learning to interpret your internal environment and honour your body’s needs is so important but can only happen when you’ve learnt to understand how you respond to food.

The great thing about doing a clean detox is that it gets rid of the many toxins we internalise on a regular basis, whether they’re in our food (as hormones or pesticides), or products we come into contact with that contain harmful chemicals.


It reboots our immunity, gets rid of excess harmful hormones and reconstitutes our gut microbiome, that’s also proving increasingly important in fertility.


I’ve decided to do several days of detoxing with cold pressed juices from @thejuicesmith and wholesome nutritious salads which are great for re-energising, improving focus, mood, sleep and libido. Though we often discuss detoxing at the beginning of a new year, it’s important to listen to what your body needs, year round.

And if you’re just at the beginning of trying to conceive, I usually recommend a detox for all the reasons above, but also as a start to a whole new clean pattern of living. This doesn’t just involve food, but also exercise, stress management and toxin free living – the main pillars of The Conception Plan, which you will carry forward into pregnancy.

I’m excited to do my detox, and as always, practise what I preach by giving advice from a place of authenticity!