This week has been full on: I won’t pretend I’m not really tired. But when I paused enough earlier this morning, I realised how fulfilled I actually felt.

And my goodness, do I love my job! That feeling you get when someone tells you you’ve done something profoundly life changing for them sure puts it all into context.

PS. This picture is of a more glamorous, less sleep-deprived time than today…

So, I received this message from a beautiful patient of mine @2mums2btokyo yesterday whose embryo transfer I did back in February.

I still remember that gorgeous sunny day with a climate change protest going on as we beavered away in theatre, hoping the transfer would take. To all of our sheer joy and happiness, it did and she is now just over a month away from delivering!

I’m beyond excited and though I won’t quite be able to make it over to the other side of the world for the delivery, I can’t help but feel we’re all going to be connected when that day comes and that this little one will no doubt be a bit of a game changer in the world.

Being at the coal face of conception and delivery is indescribably amazing and no matter how tough the hours and shifts get, I always go back to the honour and privilege that my job involves.

Here’s a small snapshot of something I was witness to this week too, and that’s a world leading operation on a small baby still inside the mothers’ womb to hopefully help improve the prognosis for this bundle of cuteness.

I actually got to look inside the womb in real time and see the baby and placenta as fellow colleagues performed the magic of operating and helping transform the life of this baby. For anyone who isn’t squeamish, some short clips of the procedure are up on my stories.

So, I wanted to say how hugely grateful I feel to be a part of something that is life changing on so many levels; and to get to do it with colleagues who are brilliant and whose expertise and passion is palpable and inspiring.

I’m now off to take my own advice and spend a bit of me time with my friends to recoup and recharge before another week begins