Hormonal and gynae health is finally beginning to get the attention it deserves out in the public domain, with it being World Menopause Day today and Red Magazine featuring this subject in their Smart Women Week where I had the pleasure of chatting to many gorgeous women who attended.

Our hormones are responsible for so much from our mood to our periods, but also our fertility, cognitive, cardiovascular and bone health, to name a few. And there is no denying that women who suffer from incredibly debilitating symptoms as a result of their hormones and periods are still unable to find the access to help and fairness of treatment in their workplace, which can often mean they are met with discrimination and shamed into disguising their pain.

I’ve spoken and written a lot about endometriosis recently and last Summer, you may remember me and the wonderful Keisha from National Endometriosis Sisters Support went to Parliament to get menstrual and gynae health on their agendas. Well, Parliament has just announced that they agree this is a huge issue affecting many women and girls and have agreed to hold a debate on this subject in Westminster! How amazing is that?!

I’m so pleased that women’s health issues are finally being taken seriously and that we’re on the cusp of genuine change.

We have national infertility awareness week coming up at the end of the month where we’ll be tackling many of these issues as they relate to fertility and I’m excited to be at The Fertility Show in London on the 1st November and discussing how to optimise your fertile health and hormones before pregnancy.

Come and join the conversation and let’s get talking about it and making women’s health a part of everyone’s agenda!