Happy World Fertility Day, fresh from The Fertility Show in London!

This tops off a whole week of action in clinics, in the media and even in parliament, where MPs are actually agreeing on something unanimously!


All the people you see in these pictures are doing incredible amounts of work to raise awareness, education and treatment options for people affected by infertility. Sadly, this continues to affect 1 in 6 couples, and up to 25% of women in their lifetimes. It’s a massive global health problem and all too often, people are left without any access to even basic advice, let alone treatment.

No matter who you are or where you live, what your gender or religious orientation is, infertility can affect you, because it doesn’t discriminate.

Because the truth is that infertility is horrific. It doesn’t discriminate and it cuts at your very sense of being, identity and existence. It steals your soul, your mind and your relationships. But when we all get together and talk about it and share in our experiences, even finding humour in amongst some of it, it really helps.

And your smiles in the audience yesterday touched me so much, to see that despite all the rain, and it being late on a Friday night, you came because you cared.

I was honoured to speak on the Let’s Talk Fertility stage with the brilliant girls @drfertility and @your_fertility_journey, where I got to meet many of you and we also managed to chat about the lighter side of things as well, including sex and best positions to conceive in! I mean, not bad for a Friday night, eh guys…

After all that, me and the girls headed to do exactly what we preached (ehhherm!) and have a nice glass of antioxidant fuelled red wine!