I’m Steph, I’ve been freelancing as a hair and makeup artist for over ten years and I have been asked by the incredible Dr Larisa Corda to come to you guys and share my skincare and makeup knowledge with you all.

Over the past decade I have tried and tested hundreds of products, whilst actively searching for those which are cruelty free and free from harmful toxins so that I can provide a safer and more ethical option for my clients. I have trained to university level within hair and makeup graduating from Salford University with a BA Honours, and worked for names such as the BBC, Boohoo, Missy Empire and Missguided.

I am also partnered with Arbonne, which is a fabulous brand with Swiss heritage. Arbonne offer over 500 products which are all vegan, so therefore cruelty free, and also free from parabens and mineral oil. They ban over 2000 ingredients them deem unsafe to use, which is a staggering amount when you compare it to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which ban around 14!

So as I sit here wondering what to share with you all, I thought why not give my top 3 Autumn tips for anyone in need of a pamper and a serious energy boost.


I start every day with a Fizz Stick – these sachets have been sent straight from the heavens! Fizz Sticks are a botanical blend of green tea, guarana, CoQ10 and ginseng, which offer a slow release of energy and are great for on the go as a replacement for coffee. They are an absolute must for these dark mornings!



SOS – Save Our Skin! My new term for skin needing a helping hand when the seasons change. From hot summers to cold winters our skin can be sent in to panic mode with the change in temperatures, producing too much oil or crazy dry patches that seem to appear overnight.

My best advice is to find a skincare regime that is pH correcting and don’t forget the night cream. Your skin loses moisture whilst you sleep as it is focused on healing the days damages and goes in to repair mode. My go to moisturiser at the moment is the Arbonne Bio Hydria Gel Cream as its super lightweight but offers 48 hours hydration.


As nights out are swapped for crisp winter walks I stop opting for the full coverage foundation and go for something lighter and more moisturising like a CC cream or tinted moisturiser. They’re perfect for the woman on the go and can, dare I say it… be applied with your fingers!

Although it’s not sunny out it’s still important to wear SPF to protect your skin. I use the Arbonne Pollution Defense CC Cream which is SPF30 and gives UVA/UVB protection. It also provides protection from everyday pollution (as small as PM 2.5 microns, which linger in the air and can stick to the skins surface!)


Feel free to get in touch with me with any skin or makeup related questions! My website is www.stephanieswainmua.com and the products I mentioned can all be found at www.stephanieswain.arbonne.com