Women of today are postponing childbirth to a much later stage in their lives because they want to build a career and an identity for themselves. Financial independence is a top priority to women who have fought hard for decades to be on equal footing with men.

They are not settling for anything other than who they would consider an ideal partner, despite the biological clock ticking. 

Despite the progress, women continue to be stigmatized for not having children even if the choice was conscious since their chances of conceiving dwindle with age. Women are most likely to get pregnant in their twenties, when the fertility level is high.

Also, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, women in their thirties have only a 20 percent chance of becoming pregnant in the first cycle. By 40, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant is less than 5 percent. Be it through natural or technological means, the number of eggs and the quality decline with age and nothing can help them except for donor eggs. However, the chances are always unpredictable.

A recent article by Dr. Larisa Corda, an IVF doctor at Create Fertility, who developed The Conception Plan for women to follow to improve health before and during an ongoing pregnancy, highlighted what women need to do. She shared tips that not only aid fertility, but also to prevent any complications during pregnancy since to a certain extent, mothers can have influence over the health of the fetus.

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