Apparently it can stimulate the area?

  • CBD brand, The Tonic, have released a cannabis-infused spray for your vulva called the ‘Clit Spritz’
  • ‘Clit Spritz’ sells for £29.99 for 30ml and is an organic, 100% natural oil designed for women
  • The brand claims that the spray ‘stimulates, lubricates and rejuvenates’ the vagina using the cannabis plant

The CBD boom shows zero signs of subsiding (sales of the oil, which is a non-psychoactive – it won’t get you high – component of the cannabis plant, doubled in 2019, thanks to its alleged anxiety-reducing benefits.)

But would you go as far as spraying cannabis-infused oil onto your vulval area in the hopes of feeling ‘stimulated, lubricated and rejuvenated’?

Well, that’s the claim of The Tonic’s newest product, ‘Clit Spritz’, a 30ml spray infused with 100mg full spectrum CBD.

But, what does a gynaecologist think?

‘Though it’s become common and somewhat of a trend to advertise the need to smell fresh down below, the truth of the matter is that every woman has her own unique scent and the discharge the vagina produces is used by the organ to clean itself,’ says Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist, Dr Larisa Corda.

‘The trouble with using sprays, douches or oils is that however appealing they may seem, they can end up irritating the external genitalia and also the vagina itself, upsetting its natural pH balance. The consequence of this can be allergies, inflammation, scarring and infection. Any spray that is used can potentially end up pushing bacteria further up into the vagina increasing the chance of infection.’


So, to keep your vulva happy and healthy, Dr Corda says it’s best to avoid tight synthetic underwear and showering after exercise to reduce the chance of irritation or infection. And doing in-depth research on whether an intimate spray really is the right option for you.

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