• Steph,38, and Tom,40, appeared on This Morning to speak about fertility issues 
  • Say they weren’t allowed to get IVF on NHS due to Buckingham CCG restrictions 
  • Claimed a women older then her in a different area was entitled to three rounds 
  • Told it was ‘unfair’ and broke down as expert Dr Larisa Corda spoke of problem

A woman broke down in tears on This Morning claiming that the NHS postcode lottery for IVF is unfair, after she was turned down for treatment.

Steph, 38, from Buckinghamshire, appeared on the show with her partner Tom, 40, and fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda where she spoke of her struggle to conceive, and told that different restrictions on free IVF are ‘unfair’.

She explained that she’d been turned down because of her age and the fact that her partner has two teenage children from a previous relationship.

However, she claimed that an older friend, whose partner also has children, was given three free rounds of IVF on the NHS because she lives in London.

Steph who has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and was forced to have one of her fallopian tubes removed while another is damaged, was also left devastated by an ectopic pregnancy, and was unable to hold in her tears as Dr Corda spoke about her problems.

Admitting that she knew getting pregnant would be an arduous process because of her health conditions, she said: ‘I knew it was going to be an issue.’

‘As soon as I met Tom, I said straight away, “If we try and have children, I know it will be a long process, it will be hard”.

After immediately seeking advice on the best way to get pregnant, Steph and Tom were heartbroken to discover their local clinical commissioning group didn’t allow IVF for women over 35 or those whose partners already have children.

She said: ‘It’s very unfair. I have a friend who had treatment in East London who was in a similar situation to me, older children, her other half already had children and she was entitled to three rounds.’

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