The last series of Geordie OGs saw Sophie break down in tears when she was told she had endometriosis.

She said: “I didn’t know it was going to happen, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me.

“Then when I got the fertility test, Dr Larisa (Corda) said ‘you’ve got a condition’. The producers said ‘are you sure you want to keep the cameras rolling?’ And I thought ‘you know what? This is real life, yeah’.

“I didn’t think that was going to happen in a million years. It’s not like I wanted to document it, it just happened naturally.

“But I have a big platform where I can raise awareness. I might be in the public eye but I’m just like every other girl that’s got endometriosis. There’s a little group of us now, I speak to other girls about it on Instagram.

“Now I’m waiting for surgery, a laparoscopy to check what’s going on down there with a little camera and if the cysts are large they’ll be removed.

“Obviously I’m single at the moment but I’d love a family and kids. I might not be able to have kids, you don’t know until that moment comes.

“I’m not worrying yet though, it’s still early stages – until I’ve got an actual diagnosis it’s just unnecessary worry.”

Sophie’s co-star Gaz Beadle, 32, is now a dad-of-two, while Marnie Simpson, 28, who’s Sophie’s cousin, had her first baby Rox in October.

Fellow OG Aaron Chalmers, 32, welcomed lockdown lad Romeo in March and Holly Hagan, 27, is engaged to footballer Jacob Blyth.

“I can’t wait to see the girls, it was supposed to be Holly’s hen do last weekend, that’s been put on hold. There’s no point doing it online when you can wait and do it properly.

“I loved filming Geordie Shore, I had the best time ever. We were just going out, drinking and just living our best life. We had no worries then.

“But Geordie OGs is like a breath of fresh air. I can be Sophie Kasaei, rather than a Geordie Shore party girl, because I’m older now, I’m 30 years old.”

Sophie is supporting Doll Beauty’s campaign, launching today for International Nurses Day and fundraising for Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

Shocking recent figures show 38 per cent of nurses reported they were struggling to buy food, while nine per cent were having to use food banks.

Sophie said: “I am shocked nurses are struggling to get food, I can’t even imagine what that feels like.

“I’ve been really supportive of the NHS and key workers on my Instagram, I think people on the frontline are doing such an amazing job.

“I’m doing Instagram lives with Dr Larisa every week and hearing how nurses and care workers are suffering. It’s heartbreaking.

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