When it comes to period sex, “put a towel down” is basically the only advice we’re ever given, and that’s usually framed in a hetero, penis-in-vagina context.

Three cheers for heteronormativity and lousy, non-inclusive sex education! So when, in my late 20s, I had my first ever period sex experience with another vulva-having person, I felt like a nervous teenager all over again.

Stimulating the clitoris

As most women and people with vulvas don’t orgasm through penetration alone, it’s important to focus attention on the clitoris.

Many clit-havers will experience heightened sensitivity during their period, so be sure to go slow and start with a light touch. The approach also provides more stimulation so is worth the wait.

Make sure your hands are clean

Before touching anyone’s genitals, scrub under your nails and make sure your hands are clean. If you have long nails, either trim them or wear gloves to even out the surface of your fingertips.

This will prevent you from scratching your partner’s vulva, which can lead to pain and soreness. Gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr. Larisa Corda says you should also avoid having painted nails as the “polish may come off and land inside your partner”.

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