The menopause is a big topic at the moment and aside from the latest “miracle cure” I chatted about yesterday on @thismorning I also did a podcast all about fertility in older age with the amazing @megmathewsofficial Meg is a total inspiration, sharing her honest battle with the menopause whilst inspiring women to take control of their lives and see it as a time to feel empowered. The products she creates to help with symptoms are vegan as she is a passionate animal welfare activist, and I love the thought and attention she has put into her range.

She is also a passionate advocate and campaigner on women taking control of the menopause, with both of us sharing the same love and support for women who are having children when older. Earlier this year she organised the @megsmenopause where I had the honour of speaking about fertility over the age 40. And no, it’s not all over at this age, but instead, this is one of the most exciting and prolific areas of research in the whole field of reproductive medicine We know it’s a subject loads of you are interested in, so we did this podcast in the comfort of Meg’s beautiful and very tasteful house, with her gorgeous dog there to help too as well as the wonderful @louisedanielsofficial who would never take any credit but who is an in incredible part of the team behind Meg’s Menopause.

Hope you love it as much as we loved recording it Check out my stories for what we got up to!

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